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Transparent resin mortar flooring
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     Products Introduction
Transparent resin mortar flooring is formed by using pure saturate resin as the base material formulated with wearable aggregates; upon completing top coating, applying apparent resin on the topcoat to enhance the surface brightness and the properties of abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, long time fastness of protection top coating, which is applicable to the ground in domestic area, production places, passages and ground with beautification effect.

Construction scheme

1、 Treatment of bare ground faces
2、 Primer applying
3、 Intermediate coat of resin mortar
4、 Grinding and cleaning
5、 Trowel applied coats
6、 Top coating(color)
7、 Apparent protection coat

[Notes: 1. Customized based on client’s demand; 2. Slight variation of material proportioning based on different environmental temperature and bare ground moisture. Eversun Technical Department reserves the final interpretation right.]

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