Undercover Diva

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I am very bad with social cues and as a result, i never know when I’m meant to introduce myself. This style post showcases one of my many personalities, the DIVA.


I remember when I first stepped into the Shop365 Africa show room; I knew that I’d wear this particular dress. It’s easy going but luxurious and I just thought to myself, this is the celebrity every day attire! Yes, you heard me! This dress transcends regular outerwear and goes well with the elite look. Today, it’s all about being an undercover diva: giving the air of being important but not letting anyone know who you really are! That’s where the glasses come in.



I love these Dapmod glasses because they’re the perfect shade of red. That red that is flashy but looks expensive. The frames are sturdy and big enough to cover your eyes and keep your identity private. You know?


Outfit Details

Dress: Moda by Ody

Sunglasses: DapMod

I'll be styling some more DapMod glasses on my own blog soon as well! Not in Lagos? You can get them here in Abuja at the Shop365 Africa store! Buy Nigerian first!

My name is Bella. I'm a blogger for iambrownie.com and I'll be showing you how i play around and style my Shop365 goodies. Stick around!


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