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Here's something we found earlier on Instagram and decided to search for the source, took a while but hey we found it on the manufactures of the shoe. And we also found a bit of write up, more images and video. 



"Red, White and Blue. Three colors that are ubiquitous the world over and represent a multitude of different things. For some it represents freedom; for others, unity; for Hong Kongers, it represents something far more prosaic: the red, white, and blue fabric that is found throughout the territory. Whether it’s a bag or an awning, the humble red, white, and blue fabric has become an important part of Hong Kong’s history and identity. To the outsider it may seem a curious thing but for locals, the fabric represents the industrious, practical side of Hong Kong — something that is often lost amidst the bright lights and fancy facades of the city.

For CLOT, it represents our local roots. We’ve been involved in numerous projects around the world but we’ve never forgotten our roots, and the red, white, and blue is a great reminder of where we’re from. That’s why, for our latest collaboration, we’ve teamed up with adidas Originals to infuse the ZX Flux with some local Hong Kong flavor. We’ve taken the red, white and blue pattern and applied it across the shoe for a look that is completely unmissable. We’ve also thrown in some red and blue accents, a white midsole, and a gum sole to finish off the look."

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